How to Start Investing – 16 Ways to Invest with $100 or Less

How to start investing $100

How to start investing with as little as $100 – 16 ways to invest $100 or less.

Many people think that they need a lot of money to start investing, but in reality, you don’t.

The truth is, it doesn’t take much to start investing and building wealth.

As a matter of fact, you can start with just $100.

Your $100 investment has the potential to grow to a much bigger amount if you continue to invest.

I once read this incredible story of a wealthy couple in their sixties. They were self-made millionaires.

When they were asked about how they got to their millionaire status, they had one simple piece of advice.

They said “We started saving only 10 dollars a week. We never dreamed our savings would grow to this much.”

If you ever think that investing with smaller amounts of cash is pointless, think again.

No amount of money is too little to start.

No matter how much money you have to start with, you can start building wealth today.

In this article, I’m going to show 16 best investments you can make with just $100.

Truth be told. I only wish I read an article like this when I was younger. Don’t make the same mistake I made waiting till I reach the thirties to start investing. Start where you are with a $100 you can spare now.

Misato Alexandre


Misato Alexandre is a mom, wife, blogger, and a big saver living in Hawaii. She holds B.A. in Finance and formerly worked at Nomura on Wall Street in NYC.

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