5 Things Successful Bloggers Are Doing and You’re Not

Successful Blogs

5 things successful blogs have in common.

Starting a blog can be truly a rewarding thing you can do financially and professionally.

But blogging can also be very frustrating and time-consuming.

After all, many bloggers struggle to earn income from blogging.

According to blogging.com’s 2012 survey, that applies to the vast majority.

Out of 1,000 bloggers, they found 81% don’t even earn $100 from blogging.

It’s no surprise many bloggers feel frustrated, discouraged and eventually quit their blog.

But this is not to say all bloggers are living broke.

It’s actually quite the contrary for those who make it in the blogsphere.

Fewer in numbers but there are bloggers with well over 6 figures in blogging income a year.

I should know since I’m one of them.

I started blogging around 7 years ago with the aim of making money blogging.

Today, I currently run 3 successful blogs besides this one, making six figures.

And no, I don’t have a team of writers that help me. It is just me and my husband.

But enough about my blogs.

You are here to learn about what successful bloggers are doing and you’re not.

You are here to learn exactly what it takes to build a successful blog that earns a full-time income and more.

So I created a list of 5 things that have helped me build a successful list to help you build yours.

1. Find a Niche You’re Passionate About

Finding a “niche” you feel passionate about can bring a great deal of value in your blogging career.

Most importantly, it satisfies 2 absolute necessities in a successful blog. They are long-term commitment and expertise.

Blogging is a long-term commitment.

To ensure the longevity of your blog and your blogging career, it needs to be something you love. Otherwise, it’s hard for you to stick to it and continue to work on it, day in, day out.

One thing blogging success is not is an overnight success. It takes efforts and time to build an audience and find your crowd.

An aim in becoming a passionate advocate for something you believe in and build your tribe. You’ll find your success there more easily than elsewhere.

This leads me to the second essential, the expertise.

While passion becomes the backbone and core of your blog, expertise offers true value.

The niche you are constantly immersed in is most likely where you have a lot of expertise and experience.

People value skills, expertise, and useful materials.

You want to position your blog in a way that it solves readers’ problems and offers solutions. More you meet their needs, more profits you can realize.

The basics of business apply here too.

You want your interior designer to not only love and obsess about design but be expert in decor.

Your readers place the same demands on your blog too, and you can only provide the two in the area of your passion.

2. Pick the Right “Domain”

Picking the right domain is something that successful bloggers do well.

A domain name is similar to a company name or brand name. Your blog domain is your website’s home address on the Internet. And while it’s not the only thing that affects your blog success, it surely can help it.

A unique, catchy domain is stickier in people’s mind. It’s easier to remember and even memorize. Minimally, it triggers people’s interest and encourages them to visit your blog.

If you are in the early stage of blogging and haven’t chosen your domain yet, this is your chance to pick the best.

Do yourself and your readers’ a favor by picking a domain name that sticks.

While there is no secret sauce, here are some tips I use in coming with mine.


A good domain name should describe what your blog or business is about. It should be easy for your blog visitors to make the connections.

For example, a domain like veganketomom.com is a great one. You don’t have to try to figure out what the blog is about. You know immediately that it’s about vegan Keto diet.

If you follow the diet, you’ll be immediately drawn to it.

This blog’s domain follows a similar pattern.

Piggybanksavers.com is about money saving tips and growing your piggy bank as in savings.

It’s easy to remember and describes exactly what the blog is all about.

Short in Length

A good descriptive domain that’s super long with over 15 characters is hard to remember.

Let alone, try to type it in your search browser is a bit overloading.

Keep it simple, short, and concise.

Don’t take up people’s brain bandwidth with your long domain name.

Include Keywords

This is related to the first criteria but has more technical meanings to it. It’s a good SEO practice to have your target keyword(s) in your domain. It signals Google to associate your blog with your target keywords.

If your keywords pay well, then it can also be financially rewarding to have your them in your domain.

One of my favorite ways to monetize my blogs is google ads. This step ensures that I don’t steer away from the core keyword groups that I plan to monetize.


Simple yet cold and dry domain names can come across commercials. Especially those keyword stuffed domains can sound very spammy and sales-driven.

Add your personality and character to it if you can.

Going back to veganketomom.com domain, the fact it has “mom” at the end, it brings warmth.

You immediately associate the blog with delicious mom’s cooking and comforting recipes. Altogether, it brings warm emotions.

People also like to feel the presence of real people behind each blog. Give them something they can connect to in your domain, which is the face and brand of your blog. Ace this, you’ve already conquered one of the hardest parts of the blogging business.

Here are some recaps and a few more that make your domain name great:

  • Keep It Short
  • Use keywords
  • Make it descriptive
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it personable

Remember, your blog domain is like your blog identity. It’s what people type in the search console to visit your site.

Take your time with this step if you have to, to come up with the right name. I usually estimate 2-4 weeks just to name my blog correctly.

Misato Alexandre


Misato Alexandre is a mom, wife, blogger, and a big saver living in Hawaii. She holds B.A. in Finance and formerly worked at Nomura on Wall Street in NYC.

  1. hello misato! just found your blog and i’m interested in starting my own. thanks for the great info. what ads do you think work best once you hvae a blog up and running?

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